Edouard Malbois - Food innovator for Enivrance

We are on our way to talk to Edouard Malbois about his new project, Seleçao Brasileira de Alimentos. We’ve known Edouard for some time and have always liked his company’s innovative vision on food.

As the founder and today CEO of Enivrance, Edouard has been working with his business partner Jacques Faure to build a solid team and over the past 11 years they have inspired the world with an array of concept food. Over the years they have expanded their business and vision from Paris to other continents.

Today they have a presence in Singapore and in São Paulo, where they are working on a range of projects, though always related to their core competence and passion, Food Design and Innovation.

Among other achievements, they were the first designers to display food design at Harrods London. And they influenced some of the biggest industrial leaders, like McDonald’s for whom they created FoodStudio Europe, the innovation lab for Europe.

He has invited us for a coffee at his office in São Paulo to discuss our involvement in his new Brazilian project. “I was looking for storytellers and thought of you guys!” he said on the phone.

“Let’s see what kind of innovative idea he’s cooking up this time!” says Maarten as we arrive at the office. Edouard is already waiting for us and welcomes us with a big smile. “There you are, good to see you! Come on in, then I can show you what we are working on.” We follow him into a meeting room and before coffee has even been served, Edouard takes off.

Edouard Malbois - CEO Enivrance - SBA2014
Edouard Malbois – CEO Enivrance – SBA2014

“So Edouard,” says Maarten. “What’s cooking? What are you working on and what do you want from us?”

“I have developed a vision for Brazil over the years: I think it is time for a new era. That’s why we recently developed the 2020 Food Vision for Brazil and teamed up with Brazilian food companies. Because we believe that Brazil can and should be more than an exporter of commodities.”

“We have developed a concept, Seleçao Brasileira de Alimentos, which we call SBA. The goal is to create and share a new image of the Brazilian food industry with the rest of the world. We strongly believe in fostering leadership through food innovation. This is where Brazil can have a competitive advantage in the coming years.”

“Isn’t this part of the New Made in Brazil, the movement we started together some time ago?” Maarten asks. “Going beyond the Brazilian flag to sell Brazilian brands and products?”

Edouard: “Yes, for me, the New Made in Brazil means the new generation – of almost anything here. From creating brands instead of exporting commodities to using the strength of brands and products to market Brazil abroad instead of using the Brazilian flag. We have more to offer than beaches, football
and a flag. However important these elements are, we believe it is time for a New Made in Brazil. There are many designers, artists, food experts and many others who are creating a new order. Let’s look at them and let them shape the New Made in Brazil.”

“So, where do we come in?”

“We need to tell the story of the SBA in a compelling way and I know you guys are the best. So I would like you to start by visiting Mauricio Borges of Apex-Brasil, our main project sponsor, to listen to his vision. And then I would like you to come back here, so that we can start talking about the players we have selected for the Seleçao. And then the fun really begins: I would like you to visit all 13 players, listen to their story and share that with our global audience.”

“Okay,” says Maarten. “Sounds like a plan, when do we start?”

Edouard Malbois - Food innovator for Enivrance
Edouard Malbois – Food innovator for Enivrance
Enivrance - Edouard Malbois
Enivrance – Edouard Malbois
Edouard Malbois - Enivrance
Edouard Malbois – Enivrance
Edouard Malbois and David Hertz
Edouard Malbois and David Hertz

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