Public speech at the ADVAN event. –

I’m in VI, Lagos, attending the ADVAN event – the Advertiser’s Association of Nigeria where its president Kola Oyeyemi is giving a speech:
“Nigeria’s and the whole of Africa’s economic potential has been hindered by mismanagement and weak institutions,” says Kola, “yet new economic reforms have put Nigeria back on track as an emerging economic power.

“A growing economy needs new leadership. Yes, we all need the cash to survive, but life should be about what you give back to society at large. New leaders must be open to obtain and share their knowledge, this is the way Africa will be able to grow substantially and sustainably.”

In his speech, Kola also mentions his eagerness and the necessity to expand ADVAN to other African countries and help them develop the marketing industry, just like they are doing in Nigeria. He wants to start collaborating with other African marketing and business leaders, so that more countries get up to speed on growth and business opportunities.

Kola Oyeyemi - MTN

Kola Oyeyemi – MTN

“As ADVAN, we are at the forefront of marketing developments, it is our duty to share our knowledge so that we can support other African countries to make a difference,” he says.

People like Kola who have studied or worked abroad have developed a global view that helps him see the world from different perspectives. This is why he acknowledges the fact that Africa is in need of foreign investors, but “We have to show them how to work with the different African cultures in order to be successful,” he adds. “And myself and ADVAN as an association can and will play a role here.”

I’m going to meet him for a coffee after his speech, I’m curious to learn where his drive comes from…

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