Carole van Bekkum, creative director at DreamCatch, has invited me to take a stroll in a completely renovated part of Rotterdam, the peninsula De Kaap. By highlighting a decisive moment in her career, she explains what her industry is in need for.

“After completing my mission critical innovation, I was granted a leadership program at the Philips Design Development Center. This fairly unique opportunity has enabled me to improve my leadership competencies to a mature level. Leading a design process is an adventure.

Although it may seem chaotic from the outside, it is highly organic and makes sense to the people involved. I discovered that participative leadership is the key to develop creativity, and that goes for society as a whole. Without real thinking, brainstorming or experimentation, leaders will not be able to guarantee profit in the end.”

Fitting her own practice into the bigger picture, Carole adds: “My advantage may be that I started out as an artistic mind, and I still use that talent to the max. At DreamCatch I apply and develop both my leadership and my creativity.

On the one hand this is about facilitating my team in order for them to score. But while in the lead, I am also part of that process in the creative sense. This is what I do best.

“On the other hand, the client relation is animated by my motto: ‘We are in this together’. It takes courage to change your image as a company. I take them with me to dream their dream together, and make it come true.”

Anouk Pappers (cbnws) and Carole van Bekkum (DreamCatch)

Anouk Pappers (CBNWS) and Carole van Bekkum (DreamCatch)

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