David Hertz

“I brought you guys here to show you what we do,” David says.

“You make sandwiches now?” I joke as I look at the lanchonete counter.

David laughs. “Well that’s one way of putting it, but there’s a bit more to it: we actually work to enable and encourage disadvantaged youth to develop careers in gastronomy. So this means we provide cookery courses and help students to develop sustainable food businesses within their communities.”

“Wow, that’s pretty inspiring… definitely takes gastronomy to a different level!”

David nods. “We wanted to use food, the universal language of humanity, as a social tool to empower unskilled and disadvantaged youth to become a generation of grass-root entrepreneurs. Our hope is that they will then be able to lift their families and communities out of poverty and hunger.”

“Pretty amazing! So are you getting the results you hoped for?” “I personally think so,” says David. “But why don’t you ask Fabiana, a student in one of my classes who has become a partner in the project.”

Meeting David Hertz - Social Entrepreneur

Fabiana smiles and says: “Gastromotiva has really changed my life. I’m so proud to be part of it and to be working so closely with David, he’s a real source of inspiration. When I met him, I had a tiny lanchonete here in Paraisopolis making pastel and other homemade sweets. I’ve learnt so much about business since we started working together and I’ve been able to expand both my lanchonete and my business.”

“Do you think it’s also changed your position in the community?” I ask her.

“Definitely,” she says proudly. “I think I play an important role in the community now. I select new students for our community cooking classes, so everybody knows me and knows the work of Gastromotiva. People recognise that this project can improve living standards in the community and change the image of the favela.”

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David Hertz - CoolBrands People

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