Elizabeth Marks

Born in Manhattan, on the upper east side of New York City, and raised between there and Westport, Connecticut, Elizabeth Marks graduated from Clark University in 1987 with a BA in ‘Psychology, Political Science and Sociology’. During her tenure at Clark she spent her junior year studying at the University of London – while interning in British Parliament for a member of the then Social Democratic Party (SDP). 

After beginning her career in the marketing department of Adweek Magazine, where she later returned while earning her MA in ‘Media Theory’ at the University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth headed to Madrid to hone her Marketing and Spanish skills at Anderson Consulting (Accenture). After leading business development at creative and media agencies for Omnicom and IPG, It was no coincidence that in 2002 she was snatched up by the Spanish-founded/Havas owned media agency MPG as their Chief Marketing Officer. From their US headquarters, Elizabeth helped assimilate the ‘new world shop with old world roots’ into the American market.

Her role also included prospecting for new business and landing quintessential American accounts, including a $27 million deal with Amtrak. For the last decade, Elizabeth has worked as an independent global business developer and consultant, dividing her time between New York and Paris; a city with which she has a long-standing love and appreciation, and traveling throughout the globe to places such Singapore, Dubai, and Brazil. I meet this impressive media maven in Central Park, New York.

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