Jonathan Gabay

I met Jonathan in 2008… we met outside London, at the Chartered Institute of Marketing where we did a CoolBrands storytelling presentation for his students.

I remember Jonathan’s approach towards brand psychology:
“For me,” he said, “brand psychology is something that is far from just skin-deep.  It involves all aspects of the consumer/supplier relationship that creates the total brand experience.  This embraces employees, channel partners, promotions, sales and service. ”

We stayed in touch since. Jonathan wrote several articles for our CoolBrands The Guru Book and we exchanged the books we published during the years. Among his were ‘The Brand Messiah’ and ‘Soul Traders’, interesting and critical view points on brands and the corporate world we live in today.

A few weeks ago, Jonathan contacted me on Skype… “I have a new book, ‘Brand Psychology’. It’s a 440 pager…lots of content… great content! I will send you a copy.”

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Brand Psychology by Jonathan Gabay
Brand Psychology by Jonathan Gabay

“Can you tell me in short what the book is all about?” I ask.

“It is about things we see and experience everyday”, Jonathan replied. “I started asking questions, like:
– Why do we trust some brands more than others?
– How important is integrity for a brand’s survival?
– How can brand confidence be rebuilt during a crisis?”

“And then, how did you come up with insights and answers?” I ask.

“By using both new and classic insights from social psychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience, I try to reveal the hidden processes behind why certain brands command our loyalty, trust and – most importantly – disposable income.

“Based on my extensive experience in the area of reputation management, I take my readers on a tour of the corporate, political, and personal brands whose understanding of consumer psychology has either built or broken them.”

“For those of us who don’t have the time to read 400 pages, how do we get the insights of your new book?” I ask.

“In a very small nutshell, throughout ‘Brand Psychology’ you’ll find case studies, practical insights and sound academic theories that will help you build brand reputations noted for the ability to occupy the perfect consumer ‘mind-space’.”

“And if we have a bit more time?” I ask.

“We created a short video to explain the concept of what I am talking about in the book. And I will tour the world with talks about the subjects of Consumer Perceptions and Corporate Reputation.”

Read more about Jonathan and Brand Psychology. 

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