Gregory Furman

From working-class Jersey kid to founder and chairman of the Luxury Marketing Council, Greg Furman is the ultimate non-corporate ‘people’s person’.

‘My purpose is to unite the worlds of business, academia, not-for-profit and the arts’

Charming and knowledgeable, Greg is genuinely interested in other people, his enthusiasm is infectious and – rare in business – he has the memory of an elephant when it comes to remembering people’s names. Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, would call him a ‘Connector’, while others would simply call him a mensch. A good guy. One with integrity and honour.

Greg cut his ‘business chops’ as head of public affairs and issues management for Sun Oil’s Canadian subsidiary, Suncor. This was followed by a four-year association with Bergdorf Goodman where he was responsible for, amongst other things, the store’s $30 million catologue business. But in November 1994, Greg decided to step out of the corporate world and spotted a gap in the market – a network for the luxury market – which was ‘hidden in plain sight’. With that, he founded The Luxury Marketing Council, a business-building revenue-generating global community of CEOs and CMOs. Today, the ‘by invitation only’ organisation is regarded as the leader in the field of luxury marketing. We meet Greg in the Flatiron district in Manhattan, New York and witness his warmth for ourselves.

Flatiron Building

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Greg Furman - CoolBrands PeopleGreg Furman - CoolBrands People

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