Helen Kupfer-Haas for ParisMania

I’m catching up with Helen Kupfer-Haas in Le Marais, her favorite part of Paris.

Last time we met, we talked about her role as a bridge between Brazil and France.

Most of her projects so far were focused on the ‘offline’ world. Helen has always been keen on sharing her best experiences in Paris with people in her Brazilian network.

However, today we are talking about a new concept, that will yet build another bridge, between online and offline, as well as of course between the two countries.

“You know how important the bridging role is to me. Now I was looking for a concept that will be like a resume of my career. Sharing experiences, helping people to have the best experience possible. And, this being a new element for me, sharing beyond my direct network, I want more people to enjoy my knowledge and expertise.”

ParisMania had a soft launch in August and the official launch will be in Paris in December 2015.

How did the idea come to life?

Remember you met Isabel Brossolette Branco last time you were here? She has a strong background and reputation as a blogger and builder of a feminine social network in the early days. She predicted back in 2004 that social networks would be the future. She was ahead of her time then.

I connected with her earlier this year because I had this idea that the time for our collaboration had come.

So we sat together and that is how ParisMania was born.

Helen Kupfer-Haas for ParisMania
Helen Kupfer-Haas and Isabel Brossolette Branco

ParisMania – a platform with content AND audience gathered from the best Brazilian bloggers in Paris.

There are many Brazilians in Paris who have started a blog, to share their best experiences, tips and ideas with their Brazilian audiences.

Both the content and the audiences are interesting, however the bloggers don’t have the time or the knowledge to create a viable business model for themselves.

And that is where ParisMania comes in.

We function as curators, selecting the blogs that add to the platform, making sure we represent different subjects, different ages of bloggers and their target groups, etc.

This is how it works. We have our team of bloggers, who are real ‘insiders’ based in Paris, they will take care of you.

You will start by filling in a questionnaire with your wishes, ideas and preferences. Then our bloggers will create the perfect program for you, which can range from a cultural exploration to a unique shopping experience and even a special trip to the Provence.

We share content and audiences, making it a true platform that is accessible to all Brazilians who are interested in coming to Paris.

How does that work for me, as a visitor of ParisMania?

Imagine you live in Brazil and want to spend some time in Paris.

Where to start, where to go, what to do, see, eat, etc?

At ParisMania you can start creating your trip. See what your favorite bloggers recommend, get in touch and start making your program.

We organise and facilitate your trip in any way imaginable.

We organise access and give you benefits that you can’t arrange on your own not get anywhere else. And we know how fond Brazilians are of surprises and how they go for privileges.

‘You come to Paris, we’ll create your experience.’

Once in Paris, we’ll make sure your trip becomes the best memory ever.

A good example of what we organise for you is ‘Fashion Day’. Our fashion blogger will take you shopping for the day. But not without first visiting the make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist, etc. So you’ll look amazing.

Then the fun continues; we create a story around you shopping with our blogger in Paris, followed around by cameras.

So at the end of the day, you had a great day of shopping, a super experience and at the same time, we created a lasting memory for you, either in pictures, video or both.

Or…We can organise unique visits to museums, art galleries, luxury cosmetics brands flagshipstores. Visit exclusive parts that are normally closed for public…

We have a strong local network that can organise any concierge services you might consider possible, and our aim is to make your stay unforgettable and provide you with the best experience and memory of your stay in Paris.

And how does the business model work?

Because we aggregate the audiences of all of our bloggers, we have an interesting offer for brands.

We work on several levels here.

First, we work with branded content from different bloggers. Think about certain fashion blogs, they could work with specific brands to make their content more relevant. Talk about or show branded products in the context of their blog.

Second, we have special offers from brands, like the ones I mentioned from Louis Vuitton or Sephora. But this could also be experience offers, like staying at a certain hotel, visit an art gallery….

And third, the e-commerce of services, which will be a significant part of the platform. This is where online will become ‘offline’ again. Think of the example of ‘Fashion Day’. Assembled online in Brazil, executed in the real world in Paris.

And what if I have a fashion brand in Brazil and want to be associated with France?

Good question, this is another service we provide. We can create a specific campaign for your brand and promote it on ParisMania, where you immediately reach an important part of your new target group.

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