Susan Chadick, Co-CEO Chadick Ellig
Susan Chadick, Co-CEO Chadick Ellig

We’re in New York to meet Susan Chadick.  She is CEO of Chadick Advisors, a transition advisory service and executive search firm. We’re discussing one of her passions, finding the right fit for both client and candidate. 

Susan, where does your drive to maximize people’s potential come from?

My work helps people maximize their potential and allows them to thrive in their careers, which positively impacts the rest of their life.

My strategy in helping a client find the right candidate is two-fold. First, I acquire a thorough understanding of my client’s company and culture, their goals and the team they are building. I probe to understand the leadership profile, skills, fit, and deliverables that will define success.

Then, I thoroughly interview candidates so I can learn about the person behind their impressive résumé. I ask questions that dig deep and are crafted to get to the heart of who they are. By going beyond the ‘facts’, I can uncover each person’s drives, find out what they do best and how they do it, and most importantly, if their ‘DNA’ is a right fit for my client.

Recently, I had the opportunity which led a candidate to fulfill their potential, while helping my client build leadership depth. We recruited an executive to a Fortune 50 insurance company as a Corporate Treasurer. She was a recognized thought leader with excellent experience in complex environments. While never been a treasurer before, she was a high-potential candidate; ready for a big leap. Her desire to work for a great company, eagerness to be challenged and become part of a dynamic team made her an interesting candidate for our client. She was hired, had been successful in her role for five years, and I was very pleased to learn that she has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer of this major financial services organization.

Susan Chadick - co-CEO Chadick Ellig search firm

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