Susan Chadick Co-CEO Chadick Ellig

We’re in New York, talking to Susan Chadick about changes in the search industry. Technology is one of the big changes, so we’re asking Susan where she thinks her industry is heading towards.

How do you see the role of technology in your industry?

Technology is an important tool, but the human angle is key. Although technology has certainly made our work easier and has leveled the playing field between the big and boutique firms, it is still just a tool.

Susan Chadick - Chadick Advisors
Susan Chadick – Chadick Advisors

When it comes to assessing candidates in light of our client’s needs and culture, the human angle is key. Technology allows us to gain more information and have deeper reach than ever before, but it can’t discern ‘chemistry’ and the magic that occurs when an individual is the right fit for a company.

Dating sites, for example, employ smart algorithms to produce a 100% match online. But this does not guarantee that the parties will actually fall in love.

We start with the raw data and match requirements with candidate experience, but go beyond these basics to broader traits to ascertain what these candidates bring to our client and whether or not they have the right profile, in terms of leadership, energy, communication style and interpersonal skills to be successful.

Technology can match basic skills and qualifications but is not yet a substitute for the time we spend and depth of conversation we have with candidates. Our skill is in assessing the individual, and then evaluating their potential to add value to our client and fit with their culture.

Technology has created a scenario where candidates, too, are inundated with a tremendous amount of information. Our role is to share our client’s story, understand their strategy and be their champion in the marketplace. We go beyond the data broadly available, to an honest portrait of what a candidate can expect in our client’s environment, and what our client is hoping to achieve by making this critical hire.

The strong synergy that happens between people and companies that allows for both corporate and personal growth is what we do best. So far, technology has not been able to match our capabilities.

Susan Chadick - co-CEO Chadick Ellig search firm

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