Sergio Alvarez - Ai Media Group

Sitting along with a room full of enterprise marketers in Google New York office above Chelsea Market, we are invited to measure our digital advertising performance.  Ai Media Group and Google have organized Spring Checkup to present on how to maximize digital advertising ROI and leverage real-time results and cross channel attribution.

The challenge for enterprise marketers is no longer collecting enough data.  It is making sense of the large volume of data that is now available.

Sergio Alvarez, CEO of Ai Media Group, and a keynote speaker of the event says his ultimate goal aligns with Google Ads Marketing. “To make more meaningful connections with users in their moments of interests and need.”  Ai Media Group uses cutting-edge technology to analyze real-time data, monitor live search trends, optimize client campaigns, and provide the immediate feedback that ensures optimal performance.

Sergio Alvarez - Ai Media Group
Sergio Alvarez – Ai Media Group

The explosion of digital technologies over the past decade created a ubiquitous shopping culture where consumers can get anything they want to be delivered to their doorsteps at a competitive price.  In response, retailers and service providers have scrambled to develop big data and analytics capabilities in order to understand their customers.  For much of this time, companies have been reacting to customers, trying to anticipate their next moves and position themselves in shoppers’ paths as they navigate the decision journey from consideration to purchase.

Only within a decade, now the companies are restoring the balance of power, shaping their paths, leading rather than following.  Sergio explored marketers’ journeys, making them central to the customer’s experience of a brand.

“The enterprises often struggle because the data can lead you astray if not constantly combined with human creativity and human judgment.  We value data, but our team is also very skeptical of it, and we constantly test our assumptions.  We invest in having smart creative people who are seeing lots of data and then reacting to it with their own creative ideas,” Sergio says.

Sergio Alvarez - Ai Media Group
Sergio Alvarez – Ai Media Group

Innovation occurs through active analysis of customer needs, technologies, and services, and this is what Sergio has been cultivating as a Google Partner.  “Ultimately, our goal is always to identify new sources of value for both the client and consumers, and our technology and a dedicated team utilize both data and human judgment to spot opportunities to extend the relationship with the customer.

“Once a company begins to collect and examine customer data, it becomes easy to spot patterns of consumer preferences and behavior that suggest opportunities to deliver a better customer experience.

As our clients’ strategic partner, we have been working with marketing teams to maximize their return on investments by connecting the dots of the customer experience and drive its improvement.  We have tools that give our clients a 360-degree view of customers, and uniquely position them to lead the branding campaigns,” says Sergio.

Sergio shakes hands with attendees after the speech and dashes out to fly out to Geneva for a 2-hour meeting with Audemars Piguet.  Superman Returns to be continued.

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