Sergio Alvarez - AI Media Group

Conversations with Sergio Alvarez are like driving a “zoom zoom car” – interaction with him is seamless, pertinent and dynamic.  This entrepreneur provides first-class services to his clients with a combination of 360-degree perspective, empathy, cultural competence, intellectual curiosity and adaptability.  By asking different kinds of questions, he has led his company Ai Media Group to propose solutions that are distinctive from traditional business units.  Sergio says the engine for growth is passion.

“What are you passionate about?” Sergio recalls a general sales manager’s question of his very first job interview.  “I said, cars. Then they told me to clarify and I did.  And as I continued, they stopped the interview and said I was hired.  The reason behind that was if you could have this much passion about something else, that can be translated into sales, and into your career.”  Today as the COO of a company, he is thrilled to find and work with a smart and passionate team.

Sergio Alvarez - Ai Media Group
Sergio Alvarez – Ai Media Group

Sergio’s client-oriented solutions help the digital marketers to maximize their return on investment.  “We all know that 50% of advertising is wasted, we just never knew which part,” Sergio continues.

“We monitor every step of our clients’ customer journey and have touch points behind every single advertising we do.  This is how we are able to curate different solutions for every single advertising we do.”

His people skills, the company’s high-end technology, and him and his team’s enthusiasm convert clients into loyal partners.  The company’s dedication to deliver client-centered solutions has led to 90% client retention rate.

During this conversation, I have discovered where his perfectionism was rooted in.   “I grew up in a hard working immigrant family.  My parents taught me the value of hard work and sense of accomplishments.  I have always tried to be an over achiever.  But I also want to have that success not just for myself but share it with my peers.  I want to make sure that our company is full of people who support each other,” Sergio says.

Sergio Alvarez - Ai Media Group
Sergio Alvarez – Ai Media Group

His over achieving spirit is embedded in his products and services.  “The core of what Google does, is serving the most relevant content.  On the consumer side, we go further as Google Partner, serving the right message at the right time for that particular product or service.”

Sergio’s passion is to accompany every step of the customer journey in order to provide personalized solutions for his loyal clientele.  The “zoom zoom car” has miles to go before he sleeps.

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