I’m honored to have been selected Chair of the Board of Trustees for Wrestle Like A Girl (WLAG), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use the sport of wrestling to empower girls and women to become leaders in life. Being a sports fanatic myself, I have long since recognized that participating in sports can teach important leadership lessons that are effective on and off the playing field. Specifically, sports taught me very valuable leadership and life skills such as: team building, discipline, coping with failure and success, problem solving, handling pressure, commitment, resiliency, and continuous learning as you’re constantly focusing on fine-tuning your talent.

WLAG aligns with my personal purpose and passion: helping women succeed, having the ability to influence the success of the organization, and providing a chance for me to be a role model for other female leaders. It also offers an opportunity for me to give back and share my experience and wisdom.

I’m very excited about this opportunity as I’ve always been passionate about advancing women in leadership.

Click on the image below to read the press release.


Feel free to visit Wrestle Like A Girl.

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