A quality champion is the one who identifies trends, uses statistics to identify customer needs, and in turn makes recommendations to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

We have got some tips and tactics from the quality champion herself — Allison Young. Having served in healthcare, hospitality, financial services, real estate, HR, and operational systems across 30 businesses, Allison is an expert in what customers want. She has presented on numerous topics including innovation, leadership when in transition, outsourcing, and career management.

Here are some thoughts and ideas Allison shared with us, about quality champions.

“Quality champions must also be great leaders, with a well-developed sense of emotional intelligence. EQ is a form of intelligence that goes a long way in differentiating smart people from leaders. Some of the qualities possessed by individuals of high EQ include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

“When speaking of self-awareness, I mean the talent of understanding who you are — which leaders must be able to do before they can begin to understand the motivation, moods, and emotions of others. Self-Regulation is the ability to control your own emotions and counterproductive impulses and moods. Self-regulation is the leadership quality of remaining in control of your emotions. These two skills are key to being an effective leader.

“As a leader, one must always engage in healthy debate to achieve the best outcome. Everyone wants to be the star on the winning team, but team morale should be held high and all members must believe in the cause. Every issue should be addressed in a healthy and respectful way, with no pointing fingers or blame. These may seem like obvious tasks but are often overlooked when in a tough situation.

“Finally, we must remember that quality is key to our success because it’s what our customers expect. Each time a customer uses our service or makes a call to us — it demonstrates that our customers believe in us and we owe them our best!”

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