Dixie Kachiros

Having a purpose behind your brand is not a new revelation. Long before the Supreme Court ruled that corporations can be viewed as people, businesses were relying on their purpose-driven brand to gain a foothold in their industry. However, looking to 2020, we will see purpose 2.0: where purpose demonstrates measurable impact. The strongest marketers will help organizations make a shift from just talking purpose to demonstrating how taking action with purpose results in a meaningful, measurable difference. In other words, moving from ads to acts to gain a “share of heart.”

Purpose must be genuinely embedded in the roots of a business and should be a filter which informs all business decision making. We have seen many compelling case studies where more purposeful brands and businesses out-perform their categories – attracting the best and brightest talent to work at the company. It’s a fact, “share of heart” drives profit. Purpose and values-driven brands have been shown to outperform comparison companies by 16 to one. They enjoy 400% higher revenues, 700% greater job growth and 1,200% higher stock prices. In 2020, purpose will be key to driving accelerated growth and making a measurable difference to the world.

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