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While in São Paulo, we were invited to the launch of the Brazilian chapter of the founders Carbon Network (fCN). It was there that we learnt that the fCN was established in the Netherlands in 2011 by a Dutch entrepreneur – Merlin Melles. Since then the fCN has slowly spread around the world, connecting entrepreneurs and ‘captains of industry’ – with the sole purpose of sharing contacts, knowledge and opportunities. Roberto, the founder of the Brazilian chapter, told us: ‘Merlin is a passionate businesswoman with an eye for opportunities and connections to realise those opportunities.’ We were intrigued. So a few weeks later we found ourselves in an impressive 19th-century building near the Vondelpark, navigating the steep staircase that leads up to Merlin’s stylish office. Inside, we met the networking wizard, seated in front of a wall filled with framed photos – everyone she has met over the past few years. And the interview began…

Merlin Melles - Founder Carbon Network - fCN - by CoolBrands
Merlin Melles – Founder Carbon Network – fCN – by CoolBrands

I connect for the sake of connecting. I give for the sake of giving. I share for the sake of sharing – Merlin Melles

What is the Founder Carbon Network?

The fCN is a unique high-end community of diverse business members with a passion for entrepreneurship combined with good moral values. All are at the top of their game and every sector is represented. Integral is its inherent mutual goodwill factor.

How many members?

We have 500 members – and no more than 500 members at any one time – because I want to be able to connect to everyone on a personal level. It’s also what makes it beautifully intimate and exclusive. It’s like one big business family.

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