“A career far from commonplace” – Gerhard Michael Eckert

Merrie Frankel - Never stop sharing and learning

“Learning from one another” – Merrie Frankel

Sergio Alvarez - Ai Media Group

“Making meaningful connections” – Sergio Alvarez

Ronny van Baal - Director SkyDeck Europe - QuickDeck

Meeting Ronny van Baal

Joaquin Bacardi

“The power of education” – Joaquin Bacardi

Cynthia Chua - Passion about building brands

“The passion of creating brands” – Cynthia Chua

lifestyle brand - Rio de Janeiro - Sol de Janeiro - Marc Vincent Capra

“Creating a lifestyle brand” – Marc Vincent Capra

Christa Dowling - Chief Connector in Manhattan

Chief connector Christa Dowling

Jean Baptiste Santoul - Henkel

“Achieving More with Less” – Jean-Baptiste Santoul

Torian Richardson

“Why I do the things I do” – Torian Richardson

Anouk Schäfer

Micro-influencers will be the next big thing – Anneke Boeren

Monique Toonen - Owner TFD Floor Tile

“Social Entrepreneurship” – Monique Toonen (Dutch)