Julie Roehm in conversation with Robin Domeniconi

How often do we hear one say, “I wish I knew how young I was when I was 40?” My interviewee and friend Robin Domeniconi rightly says – we are never too old to be figuring out what we want to do. But I am skipping ahead… let’s start from the beginning.

An award-winning marketer, strategist and brand builder, currently the founder and CEO of Threaded Tales, Robin Domeniconi exemplifies ‘doing it your own way’. She has held crucial positions in world renowned companies such as Rue La La, Microsoft and ELLE, and yet chose to leave it all behind to find a direction, to find clarity. And so, she did. You know how they say a good pair of jeans is all you need? Robin transformed these good jeans, into great jeans. She embodied her zest for life in her company Threaded Tales, which allows you to tell your story on your choice of clothing. Each item purchased funds a year of a child’s education in Haiti. It is truly fascinating.

Robin also discussed her experience with dyslexia and how it helped her accept and embrace her flaws, which otherwise seemed arbitrary. She spoke briefly about her son and his experience with the same. We delved into her personal life – her mother, father and husband. Every little anecdote was a glimpse into her personality, and each one more interesting than the last.

My conversation with Robin was raw, unfiltered and honest. Her story, with all its highs and lows, makes her the amazing person she is today.

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Julie Roehm

Julie Roehm in conversation with Robin Domeniconi
Julie Roehm in conversation with Robin Domeniconi


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