Jacopo D’Alessandris - CEO CEO & President of E-Alternative Solutions

E-Alternative Solutions has made it their goal to create and distribute safe alternative solutions for smoking adults everywhere. The company recently expanded into the CBD industry with their brand, Forth CBD. The CEO and president of EAS, Jacopo D’Alessandris strives to provide safe and FDA compliant CBD solutions that are backed by science. Many CBD brands market false claims and unrealistic benefits of CBD that can lead to unsafe usage by consumers. The EAS organization is rooted in long lasting consumer satisfaction  works to be transparent with their customers to create a high-quality, positive experience with their products. 

CEO Jacopo D’Alessandris spoke on the company’s mission and aspirations for their CBD venture:

“At EAS, we view our role as that of the responsible voice, the prudent partner. We offer high-standard products with CBD levels that are independently tested and verified, and we do not make therapeutic claims. We operate responsibly, ethically and with an eye on the long term so that we can be a leading partner to retailers and the industry and help them avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by the vapor industry.

“Unfortunately, despite the obvious lessons to be learned from other highly regulated industries like vapor, I now see many of the same mistakes by CBD manufacturers. Companies are making reckless claims. Some launch products into the market claiming they contain CBD, but product analyses subsequently reveal they contain little or none of the compound. In addition to bringing bad consumer experiences into the industry, these issues quickly attract regulatory scrutiny. What we’re seeing now are the seeds of issues that are likely to become bigger problems in the future.

“Candidly, I would prefer retailers remain on the fence as opposed to making mistakes others have made in the past, like selling products that make exaggerated claims or discounting prices to inflate demand. It’s better to get it right than to jump in too quickly. Let’s be mindful [that] the consumer is confused and looking for an education. If you offer them too much choice, or if you offer them poor options and they have a poor experience, then that’s one less consumer who is likely to repurchase in the category.

“We want to be a CBD leader for our retail partners. We believe CBD will be a massive business, and CBD compounds will be found in a wide array of formats: cosmetics, food, beer and soda, to name a few. We believe we have a big role to play in this space. We created Forth because we want to be a long-term leader in the channel.

“We bring together unmatched expertise in the channel, combine it with top-tier talent from other verticals, and place an enormous emphasis on compliance—all with the goal of creating a best-in-class offering.”

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