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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and we’ve been window shopping in Sao Paulo’s trendy Rua Oscar Freire. “I’m curious to meet Rafito tonight,” I tell Anouk. “It sounds like he has the perfect profile to be our Brazil curator.”

“Yeah, I was going to ask you about him,” says Anouk. “What’s his background?”

“He’s young but he has wide international experience in marketing and brand building in the Brazilian fashion sector – everything from designer labels to footwear and jewellery. He’s worked across the Americas, Europe and Asia and he’s also organized many international promotional events.”

“That’s interesting! What kind of events?”

“Well in 2007 he did the image and branding for Brazil Fashion Now, an event to promote Brazil’s top apparel and accessories designers in Tokyo with an exhibition and a catwalk show.”

“Cool! Nice crossover: Brazil – Japan! I’ll be interested to hear about his experiences!”

Rafito Andrade in Japan

It was our global curator Marc Capra’s idea to get Rafito involved as our curator for Brazil, so Marc has organized for us to all meet tonight to discuss NextWorld Storytelling in Sao Paulo’s Asian district, at Rafito’s favourite Chinese restaurant. Rafito has just returned from a month in China, South Korea and Europe and he’s full of enthusiasm and energy when we sit down.

“Guys, this is great: I love the cultural kaleidoscope we are creating tonight: Dutch, American, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese! It perfectly represents the multicultural diversity of Brazil. To me this is really the core of the Brazilian lifestyle.”

“But it sounds like you’re pretty keen on exploring other cultures too,” Anouk says. “You do a lot of travelling for your work right? Building up the image of Brazilian brands around the world…”

“That’s right,” says Rafito. “I travel for my work, but to be honest it is also one of my passions. I love exploring the unknown and discovering new cultures and traditions. After spending time in Asia I became interested in Eastern philosophy and ideas about mind and body – that’s also when I started practising aikido and training to be a shiatsu teacher.”

“Wow, nothing if not diverse: a Brazilian teaching shiatsu!” Anouk says.

“Well why not right?” Rafito says with a laugh. “Combine the best of all worlds: for me that means bringing together Eastern philosophy, the American can-do mindset and a Brazilian lifestyle.”

“Sounds like you’re the perfect candidate to be our NextWorld Storytelling curator for Brazil!” Marc says. “What do you reckon?”

“I’m in!” says Rafito.

“Excellent!” says Anouk.

“I can’t wait to get started!” Rafito says as he raises his glass. “And now I’d like to propose a toast: to the NextWorld, its stories and its people!”

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