Nando Marmo - by CoolBrands People

It’s important to step outside of existing ‘recipes’ that we can all become trapped in – Nando Marmo

Brazil-born Nando Marmo lives and works by the credo: ‘The past is perfect, the future is uncertain, the moment is now – you’ve got to grab it!’ The well-travelled interior designer boasts a diverse portfolio featuring everything from the homes of the rich and famous to chic restaurants and local eateries. Eschewing a signature style, Nando creates highly unique and individual designs which, instead, reflect the personality and aspirations of his clients.

Though each is not without Nando’s inimitable stamp. One recent high-profile project was Loi, the new restaurant and venture of Italian chef Salvatore Loi of Fasano fame (one of São Paulo’s most famous and awarded hotspots).

Nando Marmo - by CoolBrands People
Nando and Anouk at LOI Sao Paulo

A life of interior design was never in Nando’s plans, however. Like his father, he studied to be a lawyer. And it was only after graduating that the then 21-year-old headed to New York for what would turn out to be a life-changing experience. One that also entirely changed the course of his career. I catch up with the idiosyncratic interior designer at his atelier in São Paulo…

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Nando Marmo - CoolBrands People

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