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Jason Towns, Managing Director at TechStars, has dedicated his career to assisting startup companies and entrepreneurs through building connections to capital and investors. His passion lies within aiding the underserved and underrepresented. This drive led him to advocate for the innovation of elderly care. 

Together with Renee Wittemeyer, Jason wrote an article for Inc. Magazine about this topic. Here are some highlights and at the bottom of the page, there’s a link to the original article. 

“While “cutting-edge technology” and “senior citizens” aren’t often talked about in the same breath, we believe there has never been a greater need–or greater opportunity–for these two conversations to converge. What’s more, we think a lot of lives will improve when they do.

“Government action on this issue is essential, but entrepreneurs can help. Technology has changed everything from how we meet to how we date to how we shop. Now we need it to change how we take care of one another as we age. To provide greater health, safety, and dignity for older Americans and greater help for the people who love and look after them. 

“The good news is that entrepreneurs are ready to step up. Through our work at the Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator, we’ve gotten to know some of the innovators who are leveraging their creativity and their own personal experiences to develop products and services that can make aging in America a better experience for everyone involved. 

“Many of their startups are focused on helping adults preserve their independence and maintain social connections as they get older. For example, Candoo Tech provides tech support to older people, helping them with daily activities from Zooming with their grandkids to resetting passwords. Another company, Naborforce, connects older adults with community members who act as “backup daughters and sons,” whether that means running errands or just keeping them company. Meanwhile, Authored designs clothes specifically to make dressing easier for older people, and Braze Mobility offers a high-tech sensor to help wheelchair users avoid accidents.

“Other startups are leveraging technology to help caregivers keep seniors healthy, safe, and engaged. Rezilient, for example, spares older adults a trip to the doctor’s office by enabling physicians to remotely perform physical exams, and Connect Care Hero’s “Family” app allows relatives to stay up-to-date on the activities of their loved ones living in long-term care facilities, creating a higher quality of life for the entire family.  

“The pandemic has made clear that we need new solutions to America’s caregiving crisis. Entrepreneurs with bold ideas to improve how we care for older people deserve mentorship, training, and resources to deliver on their vision. Many of these ideas could have helped our families. Maybe instead they’ll help yours.”

Read the original article here.


Read more from Jason.

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